Asterisk 1.8.0-rc2 Now Available


Il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio della seconda beta della 1.8.0.

Dal post originale:
Asterisk 1.8.0-rc1 was not released due to an issue found prior to release.

* Make AMI honor enabled=no
(Closes issue #18040. Reported by: twilson

All interested users of Asterisk are encouraged to participate in the 1.8
testing process. Please report any issues found to the issue tracker, It is also very useful to see successful test
reports. Please post those to the asterisk-dev mailing list.
This release candidate contains fixes since the last beta release as reported by
the community. A sampling of the changes in this release candidate include:

* Add slin16 support for format_wav (new wav16 file extension)
(Closes issue #15029. Reported, patched by andrew. Tested by Qwell)
* Fixes a bug in manager.c where the default configuration values weren't reset
when the manager configuration was reloaded.
(Closes issue #17917. Reported by lmadsen. Patched by bbryant)
* Various fixes for the calendar modules.
(Patched by Jan Kalab.
Closes issue #17877. Review:
Closes issue #17776. Review:
* Add CHANNEL(checkhangup) to check whether a channel is in the process of
being hung up.
(Closes issue #17652. Reported, patched by kobaz)
* Fix a bug with MeetMe where after announcing the amount of time left in a
conference, if music on hold was playing, it doesn't restart.
(Closes issue #17408, Reported, patched by sysreq)
* Fix interoperability problems with session timer behavior in Asterisk.
(Closes issue #17005. Reported by alexcarey. Patched by dvossel)
* Rate limit calls to fsync() to 1 per second after astdb updates. Astdb was
determined to be one of the most significant bottlenecks in SIP registration
processing. This patch improved the speed of an astdb load test by 50000%
(yes, Fifty-Thousand Percent). On this particular load test setup, this
doubled the number of SIP registrations the server could handle.
* Don't clear the username from a realtime database when a registration
expires. Non-realtime chan_sip does not clear the username from memory when a
registration expiries so realtime probably shouldn't either.
(Closes issue #17551. Reported, patched by: ricardolandim. Patched by
* Don't hang up a call on an SRTP unprotect failure. Also make it more obvious
when there is an issue en/decrypting.
(Closes issue #17563. Reported by Alexcr. Patched by sfritsch. Tested by
* Many more issues. This is a significant upgrade over Asterisk 1.8.0 beta 5!

A short list of available features includes:

* Secure RTP
* IPv6 Support in the SIP channel driver
* Connected Party Identification Support
* Calendaring Integration
* A new call logging system, Channel Event Logging (CEL)
* Distributed Device State using Jabber/XMPP PubSub
* Call Completion Supplementary Services support
* Advice of Charge support
* Much, much more!

A full list of new features can be found in the CHANGES file.

For a full list of changes in the current release candidate, please see the

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