Rilasciato Asterisk 11.20.0-rc1

Il giorno 30 settembre 2015, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio di Asterisk 11.20.0-rc1.

Dal post originale:


[ASTERISK-25215] - Differences in queue.log between Set QUEUE_MEMBER and using PauseQueueMember
[ASTERISK-25227] - No audio at in-band announcements in ooh323 channel
[ASTERISK-25265] - [patch]DTLS Failure when calling WebRTC-peer on Firefox 39 - add ECDH support and fallback to prime256v1
[ASTERISK-25299] - RTP port leaks with incoming OOH323 calls
[ASTERISK-25312] - res_http_websocket: Terminate connection on fatal cases
[ASTERISK-25315] - DAHDI channels send shortened duration DTMF tones.
[ASTERISK-25320] - chan_sip.c: sip_report_security_event searches for wrong or non existent peer on invite
[ASTERISK-25346] - chan_sip: Overwriting answered elsewhere hangup cause on call pickup
[ASTERISK-25394] - pbx: Incorrect device and presence state when changing hint details
[ASTERISK-25396] - chan_sip: Extremely long callerid name causes invalid SIP
[ASTERISK-25407] - Asterisk fails to log to multiple syslog destinations
[ASTERISK-25410] - app_record: RECORDED_FILE variable not being populated

Per la lista completa, questo il link al ChangeLog: