Rilasciato Asterisk 13.7.0

Il giorno 15 gennaio 2016, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio di Asterisk 13.7.0.

Dal post originale:

The release of Asterisk 13.7.0 resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:

New Features made in this release:
* ASTERISK-25419 - Dialplan Application for Integration of StatsD
(Reported by Ashley Sanders)
* ASTERISK-25549 - Confbridge: Add participant timeout option
(Reported by Mark Michelson)
* ASTERISK-24922 - ARI: Add the ability to intercept hold and
raise an event (Reported by Matt Jordan)

Bugs fixed in this release:
* ASTERISK-25689 - pjsip show contacts not working in Asterisk
13.7rc2 (Reported by Marcelo Terres)
* ASTERISK-25640 - pbx: Deadlock on features reload and state
change hint. (Reported by Krzysztof Trempala)
* ASTERISK-25664 - ast_format_cap_append_by_type leaks a reference
(Reported by Corey Farrell)
* ASTERISK-25601 - json: Audit reference usage and thread safety
(Reported by Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-25625 - res_sorcery_memory_cache: Add full backend
caching (Reported by Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-25615 - res_pjsip: Setting transport async_operations >
1 causes segfault on tls transports (Reported by George Joseph)
* ASTERISK-25364 - [patch]Issue a TCP connection(kernel) and
thread of asterisk is not released (Reported by Hiroaki Komatsu)
* ASTERISK-25619 - res_chan_stats not sending the correct
information to StatsD (Reported by Tyler Cambron)
* ASTERISK-25569 - app_meetme: Audio quality issues (Reported by
Corey Farrell)
* ASTERISK-25609 - [patch]Asterisk may crash when calling
ast_channel_get_t38_state(c) (Reported by Filip Jenicek)
* ASTERISK-24146 - [patch]No audio on WebRtc caller side when
answer waiting time is more than ~7sec (Reported by Aleksei
* ASTERISK-25599 - [patch] SLIN Resampling Codec only 80 msec
(Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25616 - Warning with a Codec Module which supports PLC
with FEC (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25610 - Asterisk crash during "sip reload" (Reported by
Dudás József)
* ASTERISK-25608 - res_pjsip/contacts/statsd: Lifecycle events
aren't consistent (Reported by George Joseph)
* ASTERISK-25584 - [patch] format-attribute module: VP8 missing
(Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25583 - [patch] format-attribute module: RFC 7587 (Opus
Codec) (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25498 - Asterisk crashes when negotiating g729 without
that module installed (Reported by Ben Langfeld)
* ASTERISK-25595 - Unescaped : in messge sent to statsd (Reported
by Niklas Larsson)
* ASTERISK-25476 - chan_sip loses registrations after a while
(Reported by Michael Keuter)
* ASTERISK-25598 - res_pjsip: Contact status messages are
printing a hash instead of the uri (Reported by George Joseph)
* ASTERISK-25600 - bridging: Inconsistency in BRIDGEPEER (Reported
by Jonathan Rose)
* ASTERISK-25582 - Testsuite: Reactor timeout error in
tests/fax/pjsip/directmedia_reinvite_t38 (Reported by Matt
* ASTERISK-25593 - fastagi: record file closed after sending
result (Reported by Kevin Harwell)
* ASTERISK-25585 - [patch]rasterisk never hits most of main(), but
it's assumed to (Reported by Walter Doekes)
* ASTERISK-25590 - CLI Usage info for 'pjsip send notify'
references incorrect config (Reported by Corey Farrell)
* ASTERISK-25165 - Testsuite - Sorcery memory cache leaks
(Reported by Corey Farrell)
* ASTERISK-25575 - res_pjsip: Dynamic outbound registrations
created via ARI are not loaded into memory on Asterisk
start/restart (Reported by Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-25545 - [patch] translation module gets cached not
joint format (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25573 - [patch] H.264 format attribute module: resets
whole SDP (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-24958 - Forwarding loop detection inhibits certain
desirable scenarios (Reported by Mark Michelson)
* ASTERISK-25561 - app_queue.c line 6503 (try_calling): mutex
'qe->chan' freed more times than we've locked! (Reported by Alec
* ASTERISK-25552 - hashtab: Improve NULL tolerance (Reported by
Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-25160 - [patch] Opus Codec: SIP/SDP line fmtp missing
when called internally (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25535 - [patch] format creation on module load instead
of cache (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25449 - main/sched: Regression introduced by
5c713fdf18f causes erroneous duplicate RTCP messages; other
potential scheduling issues in chan_sip/chan_skinny (Reported by
Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-25546 - threadpool: Race condition between idle timeout
and activation (Reported by Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-25537 - [patch] format-attribute module: RFC or
internal defaults? (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25533 - [patch] buffer for ast_format_cap_get_names
only 64 bytes (Reported by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25373 - add documentation for CALLERID(pres) and also
the CONNECTEDLINE and REDIRECTING variants (Reported by Walter
* ASTERISK-25527 - Quirky xmldoc description wrapping (Reported by
Walter Doekes)
* ASTERISK-24779 - Passthrough OPUS codec not working with
chan_pjsip (Reported by PowerPBX)
* ASTERISK-25522 - ARI: Crash when creating channel via ARI
originate with requesting channel (Reported by Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-25434 - Compiler flags not reported in 'core show
settings' despite usage during compilation (Reported by Rusty
* ASTERISK-24106 - WebSockets Automatically decides what driver it
will use (Reported by Andrew Nagy)
* ASTERISK-25513 - Crash: malloc failed with high load of
subscriptions. (Reported by John Bigelow)
* ASTERISK-25505 - res_pjsip_pubsub: Crash on off-nominal when UAS
dialog can't be created (Reported by Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-24543 - Asterisk 13 responds to SIP Invite with all
possible codecs configured for peer as opposed to intersection
of configured codecs and offered codecs (Reported by Taylor
* ASTERISK-25494 - build: GCC 5.1.x catches some new const, array
bounds and missing paren issues (Reported by George Joseph)
* ASTERISK-25485 - res_pjsip_outbound_registration: registration
stops due to 400 response (Reported by Kevin Harwell)
* ASTERISK-25486 - res_pjsip: Fix deadlock when validating URIs
(Reported by Joshua Colp)
* ASTERISK-7803 - [patch] Update the maximum packetization values
in frame.c (Reported by dea)
* ASTERISK-25484 - [patch] autoframing=yes has no effect (Reported
by Alexander Traud)
* ASTERISK-25461 - Nested dialplan #includes don't work as
expected. (Reported by Richard Mudgett)
* ASTERISK-25455 - Deadlock of PJSIP realtime over
res_config_pgsql (Reported by mdu113)
* ASTERISK-25135 - [patch]RTP Timeout hangup cause code missing
(Reported by Olle Johansson)
* ASTERISK-25435 - Asterisk periodically hangs. UDP Recv-Q greatly
exceeds zero. (Reported by Dmitriy Serov)
* ASTERISK-25451 - Broken video - erased rtp marker bit (Reported
by Stefan Engström)
* ASTERISK-25400 - Hints broken when "CustomPresence" doesn't
exist in AstDB (Reported by Andrew Nagy)
* ASTERISK-25443 - [patch]IPv6 - Potential issue in via header
parsing (Reported by ffs)
* ASTERISK-25404 - segfault/crash in chan_pjsip_hangup ... at
chan_pjsip.c (Reported by Chet Stevens)
* ASTERISK-25391 - AMI GetConfigJSON returns invalid JSON
(Reported by Bojan Nemčić)
* ASTERISK-25441 - Deadlock in res_sorcery_memory_cache. (Reported
by Richard Mudgett)
* ASTERISK-25438 - res_rtp_asterisk: ICE role message even when
ICE is not enabled (Reported by Joshua Colp)

Improvements made in this release:
* ASTERISK-25618 - res_pjsip: Check for readability of TLS files
at startup (Reported by George Joseph)
* ASTERISK-25572 - Endpoints: Add StatsD stats for Asterisk
endpoints (Reported by Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-25571 - PJSIP: Add StatsD stats for some common PJSIP
objects (Reported by Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-25518 - taskprocessor: Add high water mark (Reported by
Jonathan Rose)
* ASTERISK-25477 - pjsip show "command" like [criteria] (Reported
by Bryant Zimmerman)
* ASTERISK-24718 - [patch]Add inital support of "sanitize" to
configure (Reported by Badalian Vyacheslav)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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