Rilasciata 2.4.1 di DAHDI-Linux e DAHDI-Tools


Il giorno 3 marzo, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio della versione 2.4.1 di DAHDI-Linux e DAHDI-Tools.

Dal post originale:

2.4.1 is a maintenance release of the DAHDI drivers and tools packages. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • Support for compilation against kernel versions from 2.6.9 up to and including 2.6.38-rc6.
  • wct4xxp: PCI-express cards go through an extended reset at start by default.
  • wcte12xp, wctdm24xxp: Disable read-line multiple PCI command, which increases compatibility in some systems.
  • xpp: Fixes init error for PRI devices with < 4 ports.
  • tonezone: Add Macao, China to tone zone data.
  • dahdi_genconf: Don't generate configurations that use channel 16 on E1 CAS.

For a full list of changes in these releases, please see the ChangeLogs at and

Issues found in these release candidates can be reported in the DAHDI-linux or DAHDI-tools project at

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