Rilasciato Asterisk 13.8-cert2

Il giorno 15 agosto 2016, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio di Asterisk Asterisk 13.8-cert2.

Dal post originale:

The release of Certified Asterisk 13.8-cert2 resolves several issues reported by the community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:

Bugs fixed in this release:
* ASTERISK-26280 - DNS lookups can block channel media paths (Reported by Mark Michelson)
* ASTERISK-26132 - PJSIP: provide transport type with received messages (Reported by Scott Griepentrog)
* ASTERISK-26237 - Fax is detected on regular calls. (Reported by Richard Mudgett)
* ASTERISK-23013 - [patch] Deadlock between 'sip show channels' command and attended transfer handling (Reported by Ben Smithurst)
* ASTERISK-26214 - Allow arbitrary time for fax detection to end on a channel (Reported by Richard Mudgett)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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