Rilasciato Asterisk 11.16.0

Il giorno 06 febbraio 2015, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio di Asterisk 11.16.0.

Dal post originale:
The release of Asterisk 11.16.0 resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:

Bugs fixed in this release:
* ASTERISK-24472 - Asterisk Crash in OpenSSL when calling over WSS
from JSSIP (Reported by Badalian Vyacheslav)
* ASTERISK-24614 - Deadlock when DEBUG_THREADS compiler flag
enabled (Reported by Richard Mudgett)
* ASTERISK-24449 - Reinvite for T.38 UDPTL fails if SRTP is
enabled (Reported by Andreas Steinmetz)
* ASTERISK-24619 - [patch]Gcc 4.10 fixes in r413589 (1.8) wrongly
casts char to unsigned int (Reported by Walter Doekes)
* ASTERISK-24337 - Spammy DEBUG message needs to be at a higher
level - 'Remote address is null, most likely RTP has been
stopped' (Reported by Rusty Newton)
* ASTERISK-23733 - 'reload acl' fails if acl.conf is not present
on startup (Reported by Richard Kenner)
* ASTERISK-24628 - [patch] chan_sip - CANCEL is sent to wrong
destination when 'sendrpid=yes' (in proxy environment) (Reported
by Karsten Wemheuer)
* ASTERISK-24672 - [PATCH] Memory leak in func_curl CURLOPT
(Reported by Kristian Høgh)
* ASTERISK-20744 - [patch] Security event logging does not work
over syslog (Reported by Michael Keuter)
* ASTERISK-23850 - Park Application does not respect Return
Context Priority (Reported by Andrew Nagy)
* ASTERISK-23991 - [patch]asterisk.pc file contains a small error
in the CFlags returned (Reported by Diederik de Groot)
* ASTERISK-24288 - [patch] - ODBC usage with app_voicemail -
voicemail is not deleted after review, hangup (Reported by LEI
* ASTERISK-24048 - [patch] contrib/scripts/install_prereq selects
32-bit packages on 64-bit hosts (Reported by Ben Klang)
* ASTERISK-24709 - [patch] msg_create_from_file used by MixMonitor
m() option does not queue an MWI event (Reported by Gareth
* ASTERISK-24355 - [patch] chan_sip realtime uses case sensitive
column comparison for 'defaultuser' (Reported by
* ASTERISK-24719 - ConfBridge recording channels get stuck when
recording started/stopped more than once (Reported by Richard
* ASTERISK-24715 - chan_sip: stale nonce causes failure (Reported
by Kevin Harwell)
* ASTERISK-24728 - tcptls: Bad file descriptor error when
reloading chan_sip (Reported by Kevin Harwell)
* ASTERISK-24676 - Security Vulnerability: URL request injection
in libCURL (CVE-2014-8150) (Reported by Matt Jordan)
* ASTERISK-24711 - DTLS handshake broken with latest OpenSSL
versions (Reported by Jared Biel)
* ASTERISK-24646 - PJSIP changeset 4899 breaks TLS (Reported by
Stephan Eisvogel)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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