Rilasciato Asterisk 10.4.0

Il giorno 2 maggio, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio della versione Asterisk 10.4.0

Dal post originale:
The Asterisk Development Team has announced the release of Asterisk 10.4.0.
This release is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk 10.4.0 resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:

--- Prevent chanspy from binding to zombie channels
(Closes issue ASTERISK-19493. Reported by lvl)
--- Fix Dial m and r options and forked calls generating warnings
for voice frames.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-16901. Reported by Chris Gentle)
--- Remove ISDN hold restriction for non-bridged calls.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-19388. Reported by Birger Harzenetter)
--- Fix copying of CDR(accountcode) to local channels.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-19384. Reported by jamicque)
--- Ensure Asterisk acknowledges ACKs to 4xx on Replaces errors
(Closes issue ASTERISK-19303. Reported by Jon Tsiros)
--- Eliminate double close of file descriptor in manager.c
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18453. Reported by Jaco Kroon)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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