Rilasciato Astrisk

Il giorno 23 settembre, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio della versione Asterisk 1.8.7

Dal post originale:
he release of Asterisk resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

Please note that a significant numbers of changes and fixes have gone into
features.c in this release (call parking, built-in transfers, call pickup,


Recently, we were notified that the mechanism included in our Asterisk source
code releases to download and build support for the iLBC codec had stopped
working correctly; a little investigation revealed that this occurred because of
some changes on the website. These changes occurred as a result
of Google's acquisition of GIPS, who produced (and provided licenses for) the
iLBC codec.

If you are a user of Asterisk and iLBC together, and you've already executed a
license agreement with GIPS, we believe you can continue using iLBC with
Asterisk. If you are a user of Asterisk and iLBC together, but you had not
executed a license agreement with GIPS, we encourage you to research the
situation and consult with your own legal representatives to determine what
actions you may want to take (or avoid taking).

More information is available on the Asterisk blog:

The following is a sample of the issues resolved in this release:

Added the 'storesipcause' option to sip.conf to allow the user to disable the
setting of HASH(SIP_CAUSE,) on the channel. Having chan_sip set
HASH(SIP_CAUSE,) on the channel carries a significant performance
penalty because of the usage of the MASTER_CHANNEL() dialplan function.

We've decided to disable this feature by default in future 1.8 versions. This
would be an unexpected behavior change for anyone depending on that SIP_CAUSE
update in their dialplan. Please refer to the asterisk-dev mailing list more
Significant fixes and improvements to parking lots.
(Closes issues ASTERISK-17183, ASTERISK-17870, ASTERISK-17430, ASTERISK-17452,
ASTERISK-17452, ASTERISK-15792. Reported by: David Cabrejos, Remi Quezada,
Philippe Lindheimer, David Woolley, Mat Murdock. Patched by: rmudgett)
Numerous issues have been reported for deadlocks that are caused by a blocking
read in res_timing_timerfd on a file descriptor that will never be written to.

A change to Asterisk adds some checks to make sure that the timerfd is both
valid and armed before calling read(). Should fix: ASTERISK-18142,
ASTERISK-18197, ASTERISK-18166 and possibly others.
(In essence, this change should make res_timing_timerfd usable.)
Resolve segfault when publishing device states via XMPP and not connected.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18078. Reported, patched by: Michael L. Young. Tested
by Jonathan Rose)
Refresh peer address if DNS unavailable at peer creation.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18000)
Fix the missing DAHDI channels when using the newer chan_dahdi.conf sections
for channel configuration.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18496. Reported by Sean Darcy. Patched by Richard
Remove unnecessary libpri dependency checks in the configure script.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18535. Reported by Michael Keuter. Patched by Richard
Update script to work again.
(Closes issue ASTERISK-18412)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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