Rilasciate nuove versioni Asterisk:, e


Il giorno 23 giugno, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio delle versioni Asterisk, e

Dal post originale:
he release of Asterisk,, and resolves several issues
as outlined below:

AST-2011-008: If a remote user sends a SIP packet containing a null,
Asterisk assumes available data extends past the null to the
end of the packet when the buffer is actually truncated when
copied. This causes SIP header parsing to modify data past
the end of the buffer altering unrelated memory structures.
This vulnerability does not affect TCP/TLS connections.
-- Resolved in and
AST-2011-009: A remote user sending a SIP packet containing a Contact header
with a missing left angle bracket (<) causes Asterisk to access a null pointer. -- Resolved in AST-2011-010: A memory address was inadvertently transmitted over the network via IAX2 via an option control frame and the remote party would try to access it. -- Resolved in,, and The issues and resolutions are described in the AST-2011-008, AST-2011-009, and AST-2011-010 security advisories. For more information about the details of these vulnerabilities, please read the security advisories AST-2011-008, AST-2011-009, and AST-2011-010, which were released at the same time as this announcement. For a full list of changes in the current releases, please see the ChangeLog: Security advisories AST-2011-008, AST-2011-009, and AST-2011-010 are available at:

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