Asterisk 1.8.2 Now Available


Il giorno 14 gennaio, il Team di Sviluppo di Asterisk ha annunciato il rilascio della versione Asterisk 1.8.2 (il post ufficiale titola "1.8.3" ma si tratta sicuramente di un errore "di battitura").

Dal post originale:
The following is a sample of the issues resolved in this release:

* 'sip notify clear-mwi' needs terminating CRLF.
(Closes issue #18275. Reported, patched by klaus3000)
* Patch for deadlock from ordering issue between channel/queue locks in
app_queue (set_queue_variables).
(Closes issue #18031. Reported by rain. Patched by bbryant)
* Fix cache of device state changes for multiple servers.
(Closes issue #18284, #18280. Reported, tested by klaus3000. Patched, tested
by russellb)
* Resolve issue where channel redirect function (CLI or AMI) hangs up the call
instead of redirecting the call.
(Closes issue #18171. Reported by: SantaFox)
(Closes issue #18185. Reported by: kwemheuer)
(Closes issue #18211. Reported by: zahir_koradia)
(Closes issue #18230. Reported by: vmarrone)
(Closes issue #18299. Reported by: mbrevda)
(Closes issue #18322. Reported by: nerbos)
* Fix reloading of peer when a user is requested. Prevent peer reloading from
causing multiple MWI subscriptions to be created when using realtime.
(Closes issue #18342. Reported, patched by nivek.)
* Fix XMPP PubSub-based distributed device state. Initialize pubsubflags to 0
so res_jabber doesn't think there is already an XMPP connection sending
device state. Also clean up CLI commands a bit.
(Closes issue #18272. Reported by klaus3000. Patched by Marquis42)
* Don't crash after Set(CDR(userfield)=...) in ast_bridge_call. Instead of
setting peer->cdr = NULL, set it to not post.
(Closes issue #18415. Reported by macbrody. Patched, tested by jsolares)
* Fixes issue with outbound google voice calls not working. Thanks to az1234
and nevermind_quack for their input in helping debug the issue.
(Closes issue #18412. Reported by nevermind_quack. Patched by dvossel)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

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